Churches of the Vigil

Church of Asmodeus

The Church of Asmodeus follows Asmodeus, the True Neutral God of Knowledge. They seek to unravel the mysteries of the world, and to guard dangerous secrets against those who would misuse them. Clerics of Asmodeus are archaeologists, scholars, and relic keepers of the legion.

Ordinary folk who would worship Asmodeus include librarians, teachers, and students.

Known Members:

Prophet Volvodolviovo: A quiet svirfneblin who speaks only when he has something of import to say. He usually is secreted away in libraries and is said to explore ancient ruins when he’s away from Sanctuary. Few outside the Legion have actually seen him.

Church of Abadar

The Church of Abadar follows Abadar, the Lawful Neutral God of Law. Their mission is to uphold the ideals of order and justice. They are the Judges, legislators, and arbitrators of the Legion

Ordinary folk who would worship Abadar include tax collectors, guards, and lawyers.

Known Members:

Prophet Justice: Generally presumed to be a human woman, Justice is often seen in her courtroom, presiding over the most pressing cases, particularly those revolving around dangerous sorcerers and notorious criminals. Justice is more a title than a name, and is presumed to be passed down to each new prophet.

Church of Lamashtu

The Church of Lamashtu follows Lamashtu, the Neutral Good God of Life. They wish to preserve life wherever they find it, and to harbor those kinds of life that others would seek to extinguish. They are the beastmasters, caretakers, and stewards of the Legion.

Ordinary folk who would worship Lamashtu include farmers, ranchers, and healers.

Known Members:

Prophet Nola: This half-elven woman is the most evidently magically gifted of legion. Her magic tends to manifest in transmutations and conjurations, and she never seems to be anywhere alone. All things have a tendency to adore her, from ordinary men and women, to the most savage beasts in all creation.

Church of Besmara

The Church of Besmara follows Besmara, the Chaotic Neutral God of Passion. The guiding philosophy of this church tends to be “Do whatever you want.” While they oppose tyranny and oppression, they rarely have a need to put that guiding principal into practice due to the charitable reign of the Vigil. Since no other common goal binds them, Besmaran priests tend to wander throughout all of Praia, doing as they please. They tend to be the itinerant preachers and explorers of the Vigil. Most treasures get found by Besmarans, and most new recruits were sent by a Besmaran, though most recruits join other churches.

Ordinary folk that would worship Besmara include wanderers, dreamers, slackers, and pirates.

Known Members:

Prophet Faun’i: This teifling woman is rarely in the same place two nights in a row. She seems to care deeply for her priests, and for the people in general. She wanders from town to town healing the sick, and slaying deadly monsters. She has been known to defend her priests to the death, even against members of other churches.

Church of Norgorber

The Church of Norgorber follow Norgorber, the Neutral Evil God of Death. They are seen as a necessary part of life, and while they are sometimes feared, they are not actively reviled. They serve as the executioners and assassins of the legion.

Ordinary folk that would worship Norgorber include undertakers, gravediggers, and butchers.

Known Members:

Prophet Lon: This slight, middle-aged human is only really seen at major holidays and festivals, and even then he slips out at the soonest opportunity. While he is polite and well-spoken when dealing with others in the public forum, very little is known of him.

Churches of the Vigil

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