This world is governed by the Purity Legion. Lead by the five gods and their prophets, peace and happiness are a possibility for all.

Your path has lead you to the gates of Sanctuary, but which god will you pledge yourself to? And will they accept you into the Purity Legion?

Modified rules for the Purity Legion:
Arcane Magic is illegal

Your character has a gift that sets them apart from others. Whether it’s something from your lineage, a boon from the Vigil, or a precious artifact acquired in your younger years, it’s something you are starting to realize or will discover soon, but it’s full potential escapes you.

Your character cannot be over 60. Once people hit 60 here, they tend to be a bit (or a lot) senile.

You must choose a God you intend to follow upon character creation from among the following:
Asmodeus: True Neutral God of Knowledge
Abadar: Lawful Neutral God of Law
Lamashtu: Lawful Good God of Life
Besmara: Chaotic Neutral God of Freedom
Norgorber: Neutral Evil God of Death

The Purity Legion

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